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New version: 0.8

Hi. There is now a new version available.

Various packages, along with a source tarball, are available from the KLuJe project download area [http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=45019]. So, if you're running Debian Etch, for example, you would usually download the .deb.

With version 0.8 KLuJe has been updated all over to build & work cleanly with current KDE and Qt versions.

Other key changes: This release fixes lots of bugs and makes it (a LOT!) more stable. All new manual (even has a glossary). Fixed to work properly with non-English languages - Cyrillic, Japanese, etc. A dialog to switch servers was added; this should make it easier for people to use it with other LiveJournal servers, such as DeadJournal. For full details of changes see the Release Notes/ChangeLog.

Patches, or other contributions to the project are welcome. :-)
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