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Downloaded a Suse version of Kluje (at least, that's what said it was).

Installed it by going through these steps:
terminal window (Konsole)
xhost +
rpm -Uvh /dir/dir/kluje-0.7-1.rpm
xhost -

It seemed to install fine.
Notice that there is an Icon under my internet folder in the menu. Click it, nothing.
Open Konsole again, don't know where it's located at, find it (via Find Files ui in KDE), cd out to the location (/opt/kde3/bin) and type in Kluje.
Get this error:
kluje: error while loading shared libraries: kluje: undefined symbol: __ti11KMainWindow

Google __ti11KMainWindow - receive 2 german and 2 russian sites and 2 broken links.
Google KMainWindow Suse - Nothing
Google KMainWindow - 3,220
KMainWindow Kluje - Nothing

I don't feel like looking through 3,220 posts if Kluje has never had an entry for ti11KMainWindow. It makes me think that I might have a non-english version. Anybody know anything about this??

I know I can post via website, but it makes it so much easier to do it from the desktop? Still being somewhat new to Linux I have absolutely no idea how to fix this (especially since I can't find a website that might have an answer). If you missed it, I am using Suse 9.1.

Also, will there be anymore updates on Kluje - Seems 2 years is a long time for development.
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